Above all,purple,lavender,the reddish color,such as Bordeaux is recommende


Above all,purple,lavender,the reddish color,such as Bordeaux is recommende

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To solve the opponent's vigilance,it has the effect of reassuring.Mind and body and relax,thinking,it is also effective to unify the spirit.The if peace and calm impression natural brown,you can produce a lively image that was alive and if color close to orange.Warm colors make-up,it is recommended for those who prefer brown,orange,dress of green system.◎ BlueCool and refreshing,it is the color that easy to have a favorable impression.Feelings sedated,has the effect of increasing the power of concentration.Especially in summer,it is also effective in lowering the effective temperature.If you choose a deep blue it becomes the firm impression in the intellectual,the director makes a bright image that clear and if bright blue.It is possible to suppress the redness of the skin,and pull out the natural sense of transparency.Pink makeup,it recommends blue,purple,pink,for those who prefer the clothes of gray system.◎ YellowThe effect of cutting the sunlight can not be expected,but it is high fashion color.In addition to show me bright gently,and you can also produce healthy and healthy image.◎ pinkFashion is high,and show us brighten the eyes and face because there is a good show effect the florid.Gently become a glamorous impression,it is the color that will to produce a sweet and cute image.◎ PurpleAt the same time it is possible to produce a sense of transparency and warm,is a feminine color.There are also goods in the pomp.Be those red is strong,it will give an elegant impression. best any color in this scene?◎ BusinessAnd gives a cool impression "Blue","Gray","Green system" is recommended.If you're pale color of concentration of 10? 15%,you can choose to without worrying about the color of skin.◎ formalIt is a good idea to choose the "blue line" that gives a classy and elegant impression.Above all,purple,lavender,the reddish color,such as Bordeaux is recommended.◎ off timeIt looks healthy "brown" or,you can wear without worrying about even indoors if "pink" of friendly impression.Orange and violet is also recommended.ConclusionThose referred to as "want to fashionable! Glasses",as choosing the glasses frame,and why not try to choose also to the color lens.When you want to change the usual atmosphere,but please try to incorporate the color lens effectively.Is an iconic model of Ray-Ban "WAYFARER (Wayfarer)" feel the summer from "ICE-POP COLLECTION (Ice Pop Collection)" appeared.Clear frame distinctive now collections such as ice candy.Such as in has become a pop color ring to fully enjoy the hot sun of the summer beach.It has become on whether the flavor of color.I want to select according to the location and mood go."Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban)" is,new feel the summer from brand typical model of "WAYFARER (Wayfarer)","ICE-POP (ice pop)" be released in late June the collection.The image of a cool ice candy in the clear color of the frame.It will line up all 6 flavors.Enlarge image of Ray-Ban "Wayfarer" new"ICE-POP" collection,juicy fruit color ring features flavors such as ice candy.Watermelon (Watermelon),Grape (grape),Strawberry (Strawberry),Mint (mint),each color of Blueberry (blueberry),Citrus (Citrus),expresses the flavor of ice candy.Price tax each 24,000 yen.Is an iconic manner sunglasses of "Ray-Ban","WAYFARER" released in 1952.The 2010 incorporates the pop prints in colorful "RARE PRINTS (rare print)" series is applied to the new,to design the logo was printed the subway map of New York "SUBWAY" and "Ray-Ban" so far "Ray-Ban MANIA" you have,have been published various print such as "BLOCKS (block)" in block print by London design group "LA BOCA (La? Boca)".Aviator,current sales during the surge all over the world as an icon models that succeed in Wayfarer! The long-awaited color type to hottest model "Ray-Ban Clubmaster" (Ray-Ban Club master) of appeared.1950s intelligence of symbolism and anti-establishment spirit dwells club master.And attention to technical detail,sophisticated styling,exceptional design which can also be said to be the essence of the classic.It has also appeared in a number of movies such as "JFK," "Malcolm X".Even while feel the retro classic,it has somehow feel the newness CLUBMASTER.A new evolution it was only with the advent of color model.The polarizing lens of Ray-Ban,the "P" mark are arranged casually to the right eye the upper side of the logo as shown in the photograph.Article with pictures? Link of "surprising blind spot! Ray-Ban can choose the" P "mark!?" Is hereIts modest or personality because,Or whether such because with the dark brown of the iris.Anyway,reluctant to put the sunglasses,or Cavalier Japanese still many.But its recognition,it will be amended as soon as possible.PC,smartphone,tablet,etc.,as those who live in the 2010s that time to stare the LCD monitor has increased dramatically which emits a "blue light" to put a burden on the eyes,the risk of suffering from eye problems such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration is a problem that should be considered seriously,the most effective (and simple) means for preventing the ultraviolet rays is the biggest enemy for the eyes,because he can put the sunglasses have now.Longer sunglasses,would say that's the item should be a must also for the Japanese.So,I say that the one should I choose what sunglasses,the answer is really simple.It is I should choose a "real".Sunglasses,is a fashion item becomes accent of coordination,and to think that there is also a medical equipment to cut the ultraviolet rays,the existence of "real" meet the two that at a high level is actually a very rare,its rare species that of the largest is Ray-Ban,should no objection.Speaking of the teardrop is synonymous with "The Aviator" of Ray-Ban,a number of icons who decorate the era has been over "Wayfarer" is,now is because the model of the to say sunglasses with the global representative any time.And of course,even in the functional su***ce not only fashion,Ray-Ban has a strong Evidence.Chance of Ray-Ban birth,the first place is in the United States Army Air Corps.Bausch & Lomb,which was asked to develop a "sunglasses to protect the eyes of the pilot" from them,the over the years of six years,to complete was a unique green the "Ray-Ban Green lens" in 1923.
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