Fashion brands both have collaborated actively viktor & rolf (Viktor & Rolf) is out also glasses collection,many ideas are positive


Fashion brands both have collaborated actively viktor & rolf (Viktor & Rolf) is out also glasses collection,many ideas are positive

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Temple end logo input metal parts of the "cf" and the height of Japanese technology,has directed the elegance.Thin finished cell frame the line,perfect for business style.not choosing a scene that apply,use Mawashigashi cheap design,Toka many people to be the "standard glasses".Eri Fukatsu of the actress is the famous model that had hung in the CM of Daiwa House.Besides,the model "CF600" was released this year,or have round glasses of this color ring.Here,the temple of the former has become a design,such as the winding vine,but it is adjustable specification.It 's not apparent quite yellow Tsukai of glasses with this sense of fashion.Soredakeni,you should be able to become the item that does not let go when you've familiar with their is it? In Oh My Glasses,and including "CLAYTON FRANKLIN (Clayton Franklin)",and offers a large number of glasses or sunglasses.You can try to five favorite frames,system that can be purchased only your favorite frame also popular.Please use all means to help to look for one of your destiny.This is the Suzuki writer.
Venta al por mayor barata NewBalance This time,the Ray-Ban model and actress (Ray-Ban) feature has lasted,I try to focus on the charismatic diva Lily? Allen (Lily Allen).Lovely atmosphere of the looks of Lily? Allen (Lily Allen),it is surprising to attention as flashy celebrity of the United Kingdom in invective character and aggressive attitude.Such a free and aggressive Lily? Allen (Lily Allen) Fashion also love! You can align the thoroughly Chanel items I love Chanel,Lily? Allen (Lily Allen) seems original style,are often featured in fashion magazines.Will on earth what Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) is choice for baby face specific cute face? Pop and dressed in retro costume in melody,sing the extremist lyrics Lily? Allen (Lily Allen).Classic black Wayfarer (Wayfarer) of the model Ray-Ban is (Ray-Ban) also multiplied is Lily? Allen (Lily Allen),many words come up.Cute,freedom,retro,classic,rock,only mysterious is not the end,of course.Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) Wayfarer Lily flow keying (Wayfarer) to Burberry scarf coordination of fairly serious atmosphere and pea coat of green.Wayfarer (Wayfarer) other in Clubmaster (club master) also patronize of Lily? Allen (Lily Allen).It has come out fashionable aura in conjunction with the T-shirt that looks completely off mode.Her appearance and character,she sings music,fashion wear,it will be none also there is a gap of image to know more want to be addictive.And it's Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) also somewhere exciting that she wear.

Wholesale Beat Speaker DockThe world of celebrity x Ray-Ban up to the previous (Ray-Ban) series of articles will be below.Please have a look! viktor & rolf (Viktor & Rolf) fashion brand based in the Netherlands in Amsterdam.To model clothes? Hair? Face also is a black silhouette,and a collection of "black? Hole",to be or to produce a collection of all-white was the Holy Communion on the theme,and has been attracting attention in its own fashion deployment .It adds revolutionary creations and concepts to uniqueness,viktor & rolf that has been given a lot of meaning to the clothes itself (Viktor & Rolf).Men,it is colorful and is both the clothes and beautiful eyes design clothes humorous regardless Ladies,has become a regular brand of Paris Collection.Fashion brands both have collaborated actively viktor & rolf (Viktor & Rolf) is out also glasses collection,many ideas are positive in form that was based on the classic glass,and finished to a more modern and elegant design glasses It has.viktor & history of rolf (Viktor & Rolf)viktor & rolf (Viktor & Rolf) by Viktor Horsting in 1993 (Victor? Hosutin) and Rolf Snoeren (Rolf? Sunoran),founded in the Netherlands.The same year to announced the first collection "Yale" in Europe rookie designer contest of southern France Yale,Press Award,ladies' department highest award,plays a brilliant debut shine to the triple crown of the Yale City Award.Two people participated in the Netherlands of young designers group "Dutch cry",in 1994 in a presentation at the made in the Paris City Museum of Contemporary Art "love of winter (HILVER DE L'A MOUR) Exhibition",to the mode attitude has been recognized as an art.Continued to two people even after the disbanded "Dutch cry" activities,in 1998 are invited to a collection of auto? Couture,you will get a Again fame attracted big topic.2003 produced the first men's collection "Monsieur" in years.In recital swagger the catwalk will be their two models,

Cheap NewBalance Wholesale 574 it is allowed to great success unheard of presentation such as to expose the state of the behind-the-scenes while change of clothes of two of them,was renowned in men's collection.Then in the wake of a collaboration collection with H & M,"Viktor & Rolf? Four? H.& M (VIKTOR & ROLF for H & M)" in 2006,Italian fashion brand Allegri in 2006-2008,and in 2009 is also Black Label Samsonite expand the collaboration,we are attracted always attention in a flexible attitude.Square type that takes advantage of volume.viktor and & rolf (Viktor & Rolf) seems bright colors,feel the tenderness rounded design that does not have an overall edge.The temple part and also contains metal logo plate,you crowded hands as far as clothes similarly fine what they work on.Model that gained popularity in the by Takuya Kimura wore fashion magazine.This model in glasses made under the vintage frames Viktor Horsting (Victor? Hosutin) and Rolf Snoeren (Rolf? Sunoran) had originally,is a model that designers themselves they know and love in public and private alike.Such as Kazi mode style from that it is a classic Wellington type of which is composed of simple lines,it has become a model that can be coordinated in a variety of fashion.Continue to cause a revolution in challenging style,such as in the fashion world Paris Collection,their own eyewear sense has been blown? It is also future attention of the collection!
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