For example,JAPONI*** (Japonisme) but is is also one of the pronoun "hydraulic press",of this technolog


For example,JAPONI*** (Japonisme) but is is also one of the pronoun "hydraulic press",of this technolog

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It has become a GG-906J and the item number from the left side.And B6V in the middle shows the color.Are listed on the right side,the largest at the size of the "53㎜" of the horizontal width of the lens,the bridge width (nose width) is "15 mm",bend from the screw portion of the length of the Temple (hinge of Temple a represents the because straight up ahead was stretched to) "140㎜".However,all of this number be the same,because there are missing "the length of the left and right end portions of the glasses",it is not possible to measure exactly.In addition,in two of the size of the largest place size and nose width of the horizontal width of the lens,the distance between the centers of the left and right of the lens,? Is the total frame PD? Is known.And it usually,PD when (pupillary distance) and the error of the frame PD is within each right and left 2mm,as generally suitable glasses.This time,in the view that the size of the glasses,I have to tell!Please look for the glasses come was in yourself! !
Cheap Wholesale Newbalance And quality elaborate best craftsmanship Japan,simple design was a "phosphorus".Frame with practicality and sense of fun and functionality that does not end in it only.Such as business or private,it can be used regardless of the scene,especially the prime of life of the brand,which gained great popularity in men,will introduce the JAPONI*** (Japonisme)!The JAPONI*** (Japonisme)?JAPONI*** (Japonisme) was launched Ltd BOSTON CLUB,is the glasses was a "function has been included in the natural shape frame" concept.The brand name comes from,at the end of the 19th century Japanese art and Western art,Western fashion,such as the impact gave movement from the "Japonisme" to.Glasses of locality that Japan is proud of in the world,are made by the hands of Fukui Prefecture Sabae craftsmen.1996,in order to introduce the glasses incorporating the Japanese beauty and world-class production technology,which boasts the world in the world,announced the JAPONI*** (Japonisme) in IOFT.High-quality,simple,and presence of the frame itself.It drew attention to the practicality and functionality that does not end only in the design.It if flat many compared to the Asian features are Western people,makes it easier glasses slipping in import frame for eyebrows is flat low.In the case of women,and also be referred lashes painted mascara ...Nante hit the lens.JAPONI*** (Japonisme) is to study the shape of the Japanese face,
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such as the nose pad of the original production,fit the face of the Japanese by applying a delicate mechanism supple wearing comfort are achieved.In addition,it is creating a three-dimensional feeling to the face in design with depth.And,also frames made in one by one carefully one of the features by glasses of home? Sabae craftsmen.For example,JAPONI*** (Japonisme) but is is also one of the pronoun "hydraulic press",of this technology can be used in the eyeglass frame of a plastic just only one in Japan.This technology by some of the edge of some nice form and voluminous roundness of Mongaifushutsu,impossible colors and patterns in the molded product,depending on the viewing angle,such as modeling to change the facial expressions,to express a variety of frames.Will did you think? Glasses collection of JAPONI*** (Japonisme),do not forget,even playful with an emphasis on design and functionality,just frame can feel the personality of the designer.Eyeglass frame of the addition to this time sunglasses were introduced JAPONI*** (Japonisme) you can find here.Simple person you are looking for a design highly eyewear in,but please look Except all means.In Oh My Glasses,we offer a large number of glasses or sunglasses to other JAPONI*** (Japonisme).I choose your favorite design,can try at home to five at a time,we have gotten system also well received for those busy being able to purchase only desired commodity.Here also Please feel free to use.Finally came the summer production! The more I think than is approaching to the sun is a few meters away,

Nike FreeI was now in sweltering heat.While every year of that,a little troublesome to tend season that go outside.Cooling and cold food drink also,but is OK,try to change the mood in a cool,airy fashion following the Cool Biz,what How about that.Not only clothes,instead of the clear frame in fashionable perfect for summer,It is good idea to give a refreshing impression to people you meet! This time I will introduce the eyeglass frame of recommended,Micedraw Tokyo (mice draw Tokyo) for those looking for eyewear full of coolness in the hot season of summer! Square type of cell frame rounded.Pale purple and mint green tint is very cute eyeglass frames.Friendly lines and fresh color combination is eyewear that gives the impression of coolness to the user.Somewhat angular lines is unique,deformation oval type of cell frame.
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