ActionUV rays can damage the cornea and retina,it can high-quality sunglasses is to completely


ActionUV rays can damage the cornea and retina,it can high-quality sunglasses is to completely

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Generally speaking,it is reflected light orderly light.Since the filter is working,polarized lenses,is particularly effective in blocking the light.This lens is by the same,shock as only light "comb",enables the direction of polarization.It to the to prevent the vibration of light passing through,since it is parallel to the road,due to the road su***ce reflection problem,the use of polarized glasses,reduces the transmission of light.In fact,it is directed to the filtration layer of the long molecules horizontally,it is possible to absorb the horizontal polarization.While to the entire lighting of the surrounding environment is not reduced,the majority of the reflected light,will be removed.Color glassesThe lens can be taken after a dark colored glass in the light of the sun.

NewbalanceAfter the lighting has been weakened,it will be bright again.Therefore,we were able of silver halide crystals in the workplace.Under normal circumstances,we will make a perfect lens to hold the transparency.Under irradiation of sunlight,in free form crystals silver inside the lens of the silver is separated,to form small aggregates.These small silver substantially aggregate irregular block of jagged,it is not possible that they are transmitted through the light,only the results of the lens to be dark,it can absorb the light.No,the crystals formed in the case of light and darkness heavy,lens it was returned to the bright state.2 basic functions ForewordSunglasses,there are two sheets of colored glass or plastic,it is a some kind of plastic or metal frame,you very easily visible.Is it possible to what is moreSimply Are you sure you want to add it?

DC snapback hatsIn fact,two glass lenses,which can be used to produce many differences,when using the sunglasses,these differences,will have a significant impact for you.ActionUV rays can damage the cornea and retina,it can high-quality sunglasses is to completely eliminate ultraviolet rays.When the eye receives too much light,it will reduce the throttle to nature.When contracted to limit the iris state,then people must be squint.such as reflected sunlight when the light is still,snow too large,will generate damage to the retina.Quality sunglasses,to avoid damage,and can be removed up to 97% of the light entering the eye.Certain su***ces,such as water,which can reflect more light,and thus to be generated by the highlight is the sight or hidden faults in the object.Polarized sunglasses of quality is able to completely eliminate glare this kind of technology,it later,

Nike Air Max 2014 will introduce polarization technology.Specific frequencies of light,it is possible to blur the vision,other frequencies of light can improve the contrast.If you choose the right color for the sunglasses,it will ensure that you get better results in certain situations.Sunglasses If you do not provide UV protection,it will take exposure to you more UV light.Cheap sunglasses can cause your iris to open to receive more light,to exclude part of the light.This also increases the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the retina,more ultraviolet rays enable input.Therefore,differences in various sunglasses is certainly or to ??.
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