Dylan,one of Madonna ...leading artists purveyorModel this wayfarer


Dylan,one of Madonna ...leading artists purveyorModel this wayfarer

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Sunglasses legitimate and innovation and also say model,even in "The Aviator" in both the "Wayfarer","club master",because there is bears line the mark.Speaking of RayBan (Ray-Ban),It is a brand that the world out a lot of masterpiece in sunglasses?,,,Speaking of color of the sunglasses lens of such a Ray-BanSo! "G15" !!I,until the name of the lens and I think many people do not know,but this "G15" is I think most Popu~yura lens color in the Ray-Ban.

Cheap New Balance 574 Mens&WomensSuch "G15" Furthermore,"G31" or "? 3" until I choose the color staining of prescription lens!This time I was put in the Ray-Ban sunglasses? Wayfarer of bringing.When I photograph it is hard to understand quite,but it is good feeling of finish.Ray-Ban If you like have been sold would be how do? Sunglasses to try to sunglasses with such degrees at fancy.Classic Wayfarer type of sunglasses from Ray-Ban.Smooth matte has been applied,it has become fashionable sunglasses in gloss lens.Size: lens width 50mm / bridge width 22mm / Temple length 150mm,100% UV cutPrice from $ 175.Although life necessities is it often evolve into fashion items,sunglasses that have been developed in order to protect the eye from sunlight will prime example that.It is synonymous with such sunglasses? To hear with,it is not an exaggeration to say that 100 people mention the name of 100 people and "Ray-Ban".
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Is loved by famous people around the world,the name supporting role to appear in a number of the silver screen,there is a thing that everyone once saw Husband.This time,approaching the secret of world famous eyewear to continue to be loved for over half a century? Brand "Ray-Ban"! Nowadays fashionable but Bull is "Ray-Ban",which is known as a sophisticated eyewear? Brand,Did you know that it had been made with an emphasis on functionality initially? "Beam (= Ray) to block (= Ban)" as named,ultraviolet rays cut 100%,was born as sunglasses with optical support first of the human race.In addition to the functionality of the higher it was adopted by the US military,high design that captivated from numerous celebrities to fashionistas attractive.Guy that appeared in many movies with actors,the big face while small! Bob? Dylan,one of Madonna ...leading artists purveyorModel this wayfarer especially it may name among the "Ray-Ban".Genuine fashionista purveyor model that was created as a fashionable sunglasses from the beginning,and the steep slope of the front,aggressive Temple features.Because the simple design,
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it is said to be the most look to the Japanese among the "Ray-Ban".In addition to the original model of the photo,a little New and Wayfarer of form that is rounded at the small size,folded and convenient folding also popular,such as to carry.Photo author personal belongings.History and a small body brandClogged all of commitmentDecoration of the frame is changing with the times.To what was released during the current from the 1990s,but comes with a decoration of the brand logo on the temple,to what was released in the 1980s before is not a logo,it is the same shape as the front as shown in the left photo decoration was attached.Genuine proof small engraved engraved on the lens,called sand-handedOn the edge of the lens is "BL" (Bausch & Lomb) and a small engraved.This is what is referred to as the sand hitting attached to the order to distinguish a fake,has now "RB" (Ray-Ban) is used.The color of the lens G-15,commonly known as Ray-Ban color.The target is the famous for visible in natural tones.
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