"Ray-Ban Rare Prints Summer collection" saleBeyond the world of color


"Ray-Ban Rare Prints Summer collection" saleBeyond the world of color

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The sale nationwide of Ray-Ban handling store.In the winter resort,a commitment of leather eyewearPopular eyewear brand in unique design and proprietary technology with a commitment "Ray-Ban".In recent years to create a very impressive color and motif I have attracted attention.This time to introduce "Ray-Ban CRAFT (Raban Kraft)" can enjoy the deep history and the best craftsmanship of Ray-Ban,it has become a refined and dignity full collection.Lineup generally to"OUTDOOR***AN (Outdoor's Man)" and "CAR***AN (Caravan)" to two of the traditional model of a model using the leather of the top bar and soft to the temple end piece of hand-sewn ExhibitionOpen.Both models,beautiful and detail by hand finishing,a variety of soft leather of color,has become a gem personality stand out.Get the invitation on the home page!
Venta al por mayor barata Nike This season,"material" to the theme,camouflage,velvet,leather,to deploy innovative collection using aluminum and various new materials Ray-Ban.At special events,"Ray-Ban? InterMix *** 2014",INTERMIX stage in conjunction with these collections appeared in Roppongi Hills Arena.Japan's top DJ and a variety of genres of performerBy,special collaboration stage one-day here found only is deployed.Also,when you share a venue photos of the SNS in the photo booth that has been installed in the hall,special flyer that you can download music that is named after each material is free even distribution.In addition,Ray-Ban frameOr even drink service benefits for those who were visitors to wear sunglasses.

Best Cheap Nike Wholesale Roshe RunLet's experience the world a sense of Ray-Ban through the fusion of music and performance.It should be noted that the deadline at that point if the only event participation? For more information on entering the Ray-Ban official HP to access (name and email address of the following invitation has reached the capacity is available.Applicants)."Ray-Ban Rare Prints Summer collection" saleBeyond the world of color of eyewear,and depressed in a new area of ??print,a very unique collection among the Ray-Ban "Rare Prints (rare print)",further full of personality and chestnutModel wearing a print of Eitibu design will be released.Plus the innovative ideas to cult Wayfarer? Sunglasses Ray-BanIt appeared in 2010 spring-summer collection of Ray-Ban,the New York subway map,floral,way fur Luo creative design has been subjected to a unique on the inside,such as colorful novel stripeAlthough over the stole the topic,by this "Rare Prints (rare print)",

Cheap Caps Wholesale New Era 59fifty wayfarer was suddenly attracting attention as a source of the trend.This unique print,of 80s pop culture,movies,inspired by such fashion,while sublime model of the legendary pop,feel the power of the '80s.Add of this summer"button? pin" and "comic" in the rare print? series,which is also,pop culture,movies,which was renewed trend of advertising as a top fashion of 2010-2011 years.There are a variety of bright color versions of "Comic",face part are summarized in monochrome retro atmosphere.In addition,colorful pin has been printed "button? Pin" is,RB2140 has become a unique finish that incorporates the imaginative design and vivid color to the model."Stripe" is July,"Comic","button? Pin","color? Towaiaru" is expected to be released in the country of eyewear specialty stores from August.Price has become a 23,100 yen to 26,250 yen.
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