You,in the following way,will be able to comply with this principle


You,in the following way,will be able to comply with this principle

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If you want some of the dark,it will simply extend the immersion lens during the time of the liquid.PolarizationLight waves from an artificial light source such as the sun or a light bulb,it vibrates in all directions,has been popular.Light is propagated,whether reflected is a divergence or refraction,when the light it is in one or more planar direction of vibration,we called the polarization of light.Polarization treatment,can be present naturally or artificially stimulated.When the lake is a natural example of each observation polarization,you can see the glare.

monster HatReflected glare from the lake,the water is despite the very clear reason so that they do not reference any object in the lake,it will not be able to pass through the why some water "filter" light.Polarizing filter is a thin film by chemical plating layer on the su***ce of the typically configured transparent plastic or glass.Typically,compounds used in the molecule is essentially are parallel to each other.If they are they are coated on uniformly lenses,these molecules will form small lenses which can absorb all arranged in the same direction as the light.You must wear a forced sunglasses most of the glare,as in the water and high-speed road,it comes from the horizontal plane.When light reaches the su***ce,the reflected light is polarized in the same angular direction as the su***ce.
Lunar Flyknit Therefore,the high level of su***ce reflection,for example,like a lake,can be produced in large quantities in the horizontal polarization.Only as vertically polarized light passes through the lens,and therefore,the angle at a fixed polarized lens sunglasses.You,in the following way,will be able to comply with this principle.Such car hood,then observe the horizontal plane,please wear polarized sunglasses.It will head slowly to the left or right.You will find the glare from the su***ce changes as the adjustment the angle of the line of sight becomes brighter.Before buying,you can be made easy ?? test to identify their authenticity.Locate the reflecting su***ce,in order to observe the su***ce,through the lens,it took sunglasses.Slowly quarter turn sunglasses,decrease or increase and observe whether or not to reflect the glare.If you are a sunglasses polarized sunglasses,a significant reduction in glare appears.

D Rose 42 Boost When mirroring below exposed to sunlight sunglasses,color is called the sunglasses and prescription glasses color glasses and darker.Lens principle of special chemical reaction depends on the UV.Several million of the molecules in the lens (for example,such as silver or silver halide chloride) contains a specific substance.If no ultraviolet ray is not present,visible light,can be transmitted through these molecules,it is the visible portion of a typical artificial light.When exposed to ultraviolet sunlight,but so that their shape is changed,these elements will pass through the chemical process.As the lens becomes dark,new molecular structure,will absorb some of the visible light.
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