China is properly,the sand hitting (※ sand strokes of "BL" the initials


China is properly,the sand hitting (※ sand strokes of "BL" the initials

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Original round metal is re-appearance model "RX3447V".Subjected to a modern matte processed into metal frame,further round series of A that the coin processing plusIkonikku model.Model "RX2180V" is a model that uses the acetate,as well as sunglasses,Key Bridge,rivets,side of the Ray-Ban logo has become a feature.90's "Ray-Ban" to re-interpret the metal seriesSpeaking as a representative model of eyewear brand "Ray-ban (Ray-Ban)",for there are such as "CLUBMASTER" "WAYFARER" and the combination of the cell frame,Kontinyue has been this season attentionMetal series of the autumn and winter of spot items that Kontinyue proposes,"90's Ray-Ban" will be released from October 5 (Saturday).Ray-Ban?
Fashion Sale Womens History that begin from teardropJohn? McCready Lieutenant Colonel of the US Air Force,which crossed the Atlantic in a balloon in 1920,suffered a huge damage to the eye by ultraviolet light during the.Surely protect him is the "eye to Bausch & Lomb (Bausch & Lomb),Inc.Then,and in the wake that it has requested the elegant sunglasses ",in 1937,Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) the start.It was originally made is,in gold metal frame in the teardrop of green lens,GuClassic and it became the prototype of the metal.Pilots of the US Air Force soon was wearing this,but during the Second World War,photos Douglas?
Venta Al Por Mayor Barata Zapatos Air Jordan 3 MacArthur is wearing the sunglasses that landed in the Philippines of the beach at the time American newspaperFrom the fact that it was listed in,people in the United States has become prisoner of this sunglasses.The brand founded in December 1999 passing through the time of '62 from,Bausch & Lomb sold the Ray-Ban brand of management rights to Luxottica,Inc.(Italy).Subsequent Ray-Ban is not a made in America,also made in ItalyEarly Ray-Ban of the 1960s become a made in China is properly,the sand hitting (※ sand strokes of "BL" the initials of the Bausch & Lomb is the lens,the part = Ji connecting the temple and the rim,of sand The mark by spraying fine particles,such asput it) is also nothing without,1970s thing,there or there are things that BL sand striking is attached tilted 90 degrees,or even mono no RAY-BAN print of white only BL sand strokes.

Adidas Fashion Shoes Springblade mono- BL sand punch is at the top of the lensAlso a mono this time.All the Ray-Ban,which was made after around 1980 located in the "BL" sand hitting the both lenses,many of "RAY-BAN" print of the white is attached to the right lens top.Part of the Traditional's series such as' 90sThe model of gold rather than white "RAY-BAN" print is in the right lens top.Over the Bausch & Lomb era end of the 1990s,also metal frame did not have to take a much limelight,metal nowIn coupled popular with trend of regression,In this Kontinyue,easy to incorporate in styling the "ROUND METAL" the center from the simple round type and size feeling,at the time it had been produced in the 1990s eyesTal Series 5-inch released in limited quantities to.Lens are using all tempered glass."Ray-Ban CRAFT" appearanceSince 1937 the brand birth,Ray-Ban,which has created a number of masterpieces to symbolize the era.
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