No belief that change since the birth of 1937 is only one,it is an excellent


No belief that change since the birth of 1937 is only one,it is an excellent

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To what was released during the current from the 1990s,but comes with a decoration of the brand logo on the temple,to what was released in the 1980s before is not a logo,it is the same shape as the front as shown in the left photo decoration was attached.Genuine proof small engraved engraved on the lens,called sand-handedOn the edge of the lens is "BL" (Bausch & Lomb) and a small engraved.This is what is referred to as the sand hitting attached to the order to distinguish a fake,has now "RB" (Ray-Ban) is used.The color of the lens G-15,commonly known as Ray-Ban color.

Nike Fashion Shoes Roshe RunThe target is the famous for visible in natural tones.Since its birth in 1937,from musicians to It Girl,eyewear brand that is loved by celebrities throughout the ages "Ray-Ban".Design that has been refined with stomach BASIC,easy to fit any style,always a fresh.To meet the woman of the image you would like,also you can not take a change of clothes sunglasses? Pick up 3 type recommended by celebrity style.Hello Yay (happy face)Yamagata will feel hot than yesterday,but is fun because it is scheduled to go to friends and beer today Yay (happy face)If there is fun is a simple ollie become healthy double Yay (happy face)Some of the goods that have been ordered in the new products one after another NEW of last month exhibition Yo has been arrived from Ray-Ban arrived.

Venta Al Por Mayor Barata Zapatos New BalanceIn front of sunglasses,this time,is 16,000 yen in frame such as does not have in stock only the most popular is still single velor fabric.Also there are many rich and fun color ring variations frame.Still,Ray-Ban,which means just because you have little stock soon rise in stock was not,but commodity "to cut off the light beam (Ray) (Ban)" Please visit us in fun frames.No belief that change since the birth of 1937 is only one,it is an excellent sunglasses.Ray-Ban the name derived from the function itself to say the origin of the sunglasses,which means that the belief is forever.Since its debut in 1937,Ray-Ban has always continue to create the history of sunglasses with outstanding design and quality.It has created a design to fulfill the things required by the user without being influenced by fashion.Was born design in order to be born even now,it is something worthy to be called a timeless masterpiece.Sunglasses is glasses collection 5130 royal road brand Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban).

Fashion Sale Caps5130 very topic of the eyeglass frame Dragon Ash Furuya Takeshi's is used in various places!Specification of the front of the point and arm,popular frame !! with the motif of WayfarerStuds of special design has been driven into both left and right in the eyeglass frame of Ray-Ban.I'm working hard 7 Episode something every day☆ 24 days our fellows is a tentacle.The name is still no.It's not name if you consider,I.and it does not annoy Apart from absent also called by us opponent.And I do not remember softened odd also the name of the previous life.Is Deformation setting of reincarnation system hero (laughing)? D & G glasses frameWell,do not be helped even forever thinking but it does know.
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