As fish clear water is captured,for example,by using a polarizer,it is possible to reduce reflection


As fish clear water is captured,for example,by using a polarizer,it is possible to reduce reflection

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During the Second World War,US Admiral MacArthur,he smoked a pipe,the image of 佩戴 thunder popular friends,you are wearing off the sunglasses,the people also,some to the general sunglasses hero of love I asked.Ray-Ban sunglasses,has become a famous brand sought after by the public.Polarizer,the clear vision so the nature of the light,to be able to track the transmission axis in the visual image of the eye,in order to eliminate stray light,are manufactured in accordance with polarized lenses and the principle of the filter of the light.Sunglasses,and is used in the lens of the camera.Operating principle PL is the role of the mirror to increase the contrast,it is reflected in the optical filter.

Wholesale Beat Speaker DockIt works by filtering the light from the selectively specific direction.Sky dark pressure,thereby weakening the intensity of light in the sky,it can increase the contrast between the thing door blue sky and white clouds filtering the many diffusion of polarization.The darkest in the sky of the viewfinder,the darkest between the most appeared 90 degrees,and look through the viewfinder to rotate by shooting the most obvious difference between the mirror effect,specific.You the most dark and there may be a need to move to any of the angle between the bright.
Venta al por mayor barata NewBalance By adjusting the polarizing plate can be effectively filtered in PL lenses,weaken,or generally polarized to eliminate reflective metallic su***ce (metal su***ce,the light does not operate polarization microscopy,polarized is reflected back not) can reflect light quality improves,so as to increase the sharpness of the screen and reflects this part of the subject.As fish clear water is captured,for example,by using a polarizer,it is possible to reduce reflection su***ce.When you shoot such a scene,there is a tendency that the projection angle of the light source and the camera of the camera angle is consistent,need the maximum deflection angle between 30? 40 degrees.When you turn the front lens group to slowly adjust,
Cheap Nike Wholesale Online Air Max 90 you can use the time to filter through efforts to the reflecting su***ce in order to minimize the scene.Further,the polarizing plate,a polarizer as image capture is more pure,since it is possible to absorb the stray light reflected in different directions and dusts or mists in the air,improve the contrast,color saturation It can be improved.For example,in many cases,in order to photograph the colorful pictures,and using a polarizing microscope to take still pictures,flower photo.In landscape photography,and useful flower photos,and when photographing a specific relatively strong reflection landscape.landscape drawn to the excellent result,a polarizing plate is used when shooting a cloud.
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